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28 12 2009
Richard Oberbruner

Hi … My name is Richard Oberbruner … I am a job coach in west suburban Chicago … the unemployment rate here is 10+% … those who have been out of work 6 months or longer say the rate is much higher then reported … I teach classes in resume writing, interviewing (both telephone and face2face), negotiating, etc … I have taught over 500 people this year, most of them Baby Boomers … I don’t know why this particular generation is bearing the brunt …

When my clients ask me what’s really going on, I simply say “Money is not moving. Banks are not lending. Investors are not investing. The stock market doesn’t break 100 points up or down. Employers are going through the motions of posting a job opening, interviewing candidates but not hiring. It’s too risky.” … My clients are temporarily satisfied with this answer but it does not solve their unemployed dilemma … I don’t know what else to tell them.

Because of my training in improvisational acting, I incorporate improv games into my classes … My clients love the interactive learning environment … They get to practice what I preach in my classes … They also get to laugh really really hard which relieves the unemployed stress they are going through … Improv games allow them to play with the anxieties caused by protracted unemployment … They have many pressures—financial, social, personal … Improv gives them permission to express their frustrations and laugh simultaneously … It doesn’t change the money in their pocket but it makes them feel better about themselves.

I applaud your efforts!!! I am a story teller, too, and am using my creativity to help alleviate the emotional pain my clients are feeling. Thanks for your time … Richard Oberbruner …

14 04 2010
Episode Six – L’Arche « Sparrow Songs

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22 10 2010
John Dentino

Stunning stuff. I happened upon your short on Star Parker from her Web site link because I’d heard her on the radio. Suddenly I was watching what appeared to be a campaign video that played like a real documentary, with a sense of place and a respect for nuance. Then I found out the film was part of your own project. Anyway, “The Truth” is great, as is “l’Arche.” I’d love to talk about your ‘process’ some time. Thanks for keeping documentary alive.

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