23 02 2010

We knew there’d be months like this.

Right now our latest Episode, number four, about puppet maker Bob Baker is languishing, not receiving anywhere near the views or attention that Porn Star Karaoke did.

Not all that surprising when you think about it.

Still, when you get wrapped up in vimeo views and website analytics, when you find yourself checking them on an hourly basis — this can feel a little deflating.  At the same time obsessing over audience numbers — or any type of exposure — is also a sure-sign that I’m on the wrong path with this project.  Lately in conversations I’ve found myself saying that Sparrow Songs “is giving me more than I’ve given to it. “ That’s trite and a little too easy, but there’s some truth there.

Making these films feels good.  The act of constructing them feels good.  Each month is a journey from chaos – “we have no plans, we have no idea” – then into action and effort – the arranging, the shooting — and then into a system and an ordering – through editing – that makes some kind of sense out of the whole initial mess.  To be honest, there’s not a whole lot that’s unsatisfying about the process.

Of course, there’s one more step in the process: uploading the films to vimeo and to our website so that they can be seen and enjoyed and shared.  This act alone says enough.  We make these films to be seen. If they were simply exercises in filmmaking or if this whole project was some odd, earnest attempt to see a few more corners of the world and the people in it, then we’d keep the films to ourselves.  The films are meant to be seen — by you, by others – and when they’re not, they are not.

That’s all a part of this project too, like a lot of folks toiling in the arts we’re always working under the spectre of obscurity and poverty. It’s a little less scary when you recognize it and understand that part of the challenege is to stay focused in spite of it all.




One response

1 03 2010

do not fret. i just watched episode 4 and i really enjoyed it.
thank you.
excited to see what you guys make next!

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