Episode 3 – Reactions

13 01 2010

Here are some of the reactions we’ve been getting to the last piece.  I’ve gotten a lot of emailed reactions as well, but won’t put those up without permission.  Thanks again to everyone for watching the films and being a part of this project.

“Jablonski and Totten’s third short documentary functions as an almost
perfect microcosm of pornography, encompassing nearly all sides of an
industry whose existence remains more, shall we say, problematic than
most. It is a subject so rife with moral, emotional, and intellectual
landmines that I fear even treading near it.” — Coilhouse.net

“One male fan in the (vaguely NSFW-ish) clip below says that by singing good, he hopes to make the girls feel good about themselves.  Well, by the clip’s end, I don’t think Bowie himself could make that happen.” — Dangerous Minds

“a beautiful, moving, and riveting must-see short documentary” — Susannah Breslin

“God, nothing is more demeaning than karaoke” – poster in comments section




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